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28 April 2010


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I'm glad Mr. PP found the church so "moving". :)

Aww, shmoogie - can't wait to meet her this summer! :) I always have thought that DH had a bit of a double meaning to it in this case, ya know? Maybe adding a superlative in front of it will give it extra glitz. Perhaps "The Original DH"?

I would suggest that DH be consulted as to what name he would like to go by. In the interest of family harmony and such. Shmoogie. :-)

He was definitely consulted! I have him read nearly every post before I publish. He doesn't want a nickname. I guess he'll just be "he" or "my husband" or, as appropriate, "Daddy" or I am not above slipping back to "DH" at times. :)

Well, I realize I've become quite attached to the name DH. Like DS and DD, too. They've grown on me and I'd now be rather sorry to lose them!

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