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16 March 2010


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I like what my mother always told me: that death is part of life; that we are all going to die someday--we don't know when; that death is nothing to fear or dread; that when we die we will be with God, as we are in life.

Also, what I have studied in metaphysics: we are all immortal spiritual beings. We are always in God. Gross physical matter is only the tip of the iceberg of all that is, and that all that is is one thing.

I agree with Betty. Interesting answer by DS. Balloons are often used to symbolize spirits. At about age 5 your sister asked who used to take care of her. I was a little startled and put out and responded that I'd always taken care of her (and worked hard at it, too). She said, "No, who took care of me before I was born?" "Well, it was me then, too. You were in my tummy." "No,BEFORE that. Who took care of me before I was in your tummy?" Aaaah! What a question. I thought briefly and responded "God. God took care of you before." I've been thinking about it on an off ever since.

God will take care of all of us again like before. We come from and go to the same "place". I don't know if it is a place. I think on the other side the rules we know don't apply. There perhaps isn't anything like a "place." Except maybe one rule that still applies is that energy is never lost. It only changes shape.

Oh yes, and God is Love is......energy? light? Beyond that I don't know. I'm not even sure about those parking places, altho I am sure your dad is close. I think others are close, too, we just don't realize it most of the time. Anyway, don't fear death (but we all hope it doesn't come for a really, really long time). We're just born back to from where we came. For now we're meant to be here and to want to be here.

And then the question is Why? I look forward to a post on that one.

Have you seen the new Where the Wild Things Are movie? I was afraid I wouldn't like the new adaptation but I saw it the other day and its so well done. It discuss child emotion so well about death, life, loneliness, etc. Max, in the movie, is very concerned with the sun dying and the earth dying, after his science teacher told him this would happen. I highly recommend it.

Lovely post today, I share many of your ideas.

I love all of these comments.

Amber, I had never considered seeing that movie, but now I will! (When it's available for rent online...)

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